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Windows live messenger not working?

my windows live messenger is stuffed, every time i try to type my e-mail address it takes a very long time to put it in, and the computer freezes while it waits. when i try to log on it says it cant log on because the service is temporally unavailable.

Windows live messenger not working?internet explorer 7

aww!! thts too bad!

Windows Live Messenger Starts Process But Does Not Show Up?

I've tried uninstalling and re-installing a couple of times now. I've even tried removing any trace (AppData stuff) of MSN from my computer and then installing it.

Whenever I click on Windows Live Messenger to start it up nothing happens. I look at the Task Manager and it shows the msnmsgr.exe process, but nothing's happening.

Windows Live Messenger Starts Process But Does Not Show Up?internet explorer 6

When the process is running, can you see a small green person in the clock area of the computer screen. If so this is messenger and to start it simply right click and choose the show messenger option.

Another cause could be that your computer does not have good enough specifications to run the program. To run messenger you need the following:

Multimedia PC Pentium 233 MHz process (500 MHz recommended)

Microsoft? Windows? XP or Vista

Minimum 128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended)

Up to 50 MB of hard disk space for installation, 15 MB to run the program

Minimum 800 x 600 screen resolution

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 SP1 or later must be installed on your computer, though it does not need to be your default.

If your computer meets all of these requirements, but you are still unable to run messenger you should contact the Windows Live support staff I've included the link for you below.

Windows Live Messenger Starts Process But Does Not Show Up?windows live internet explorerHere's a real answer that works and does not insult your intelligence: Delete the following key (all values and subkeys) from your registry: hkey_current_user\software \microsoft\MSNMessenger You will lose some of your Messenger settings but it will work Report It

Windows Live Messenger???

How do I install more than 1 version of windows live messenger on the same pc? if anyone knows please answer. its urgent!HELP!!!

Windows Live Messenger???internet explorer download


use PLUS

once installed

sign in with one account

on the toolbar

go to




mark the option 'use multiple accounts'


then just dobleclick on the MSn icon and sign in with another account

you can also use a webmessenger to sign in with more than one account

you can also use the windows messenger that comes with XP by default ..

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Windows Live Messenger???windows xp internet explorer

I don't think that's possible.

Only possible if you have two or more partitions on your system.

Maybe someone else has an idea for you?

But, you can log in with several accounts. Close your account 1 and then log in with account #2 on the Windows Live Messenger.

Merry Christmas!

Greetings from Germany...
I agree. You can't do that. But you can use the Windows Messenger AND the Windows Live Messenger, although I don't know, if you can login with different accounts at the same time.

Another possibility for advanced windows users:

Get a virtual machine, either "virtual box" or Microsofts "Virtual PC" and install Windows on the virtual machine. You can now install a different WML version there.

Sure that is a lot of work, but in my opinion the only way.
If you have Windows XP, it usually comes with a program called Windows Messenger. Its like WLM buts it realy old. And if you have WLM as well you can go on two accounts at once, one with Windows Messenger and the other with WLM.
go to plus menu the preferences and then select the one thing that says use multiple accounts. and then u just click msn while u have one open it opens a 2nd one.

hope that helps

merry christmas,

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My windows live messenger will not sign me in?

i just restored my computer yesterday, and i installed windows live messenger with no problem, but when i go to sign in, it will not let sign in works on web messenger on my computer, and my log in works on other computers. i have tried to sign in after turning off the firewall, and no luck..

please help!

My windows live messenger will not sign me in?internet explorer update

click the toolbar and look at either go to tools ---%26gt; options or help to see wat u can do. if it dosen't work email microsoft

My windows live messenger will not sign me in?web browser internet explorer

reinstall the software. if that doesnt work, your login may not qualify to run web programs.

Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messagner?

This is my problem. I have Yahoo Messenger And my Uncle has Windows Live Messenger. We are able to chat but he wants to use the Web Cam feature which he says he cant. And i also cant use it because the webcam button is disabled. what is the problem and i am running on the newest version of messenger i just updated today. Can it be that his version is old??

if anyone can help thanks

Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messagner?ie tab


Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messagner?windows mobile internet explorer

he needs to get yahoo
you should install the new version of Windows Live Messenger that you can download at

Windows live messenger not work on wireless?

ever since i have bagan to use wireless internet on my laptop my windows live messenger sometimes doesnt work properly!

why is this and is there a solution to the problem?

i dont want to have to go back to using non-wireless internet!

i use a belkin G router i think if thats any help!?

Windows live messenger not work on wireless?uninstall internet explorer

just reinstall it

i hav that router and it works fine on my laptop

Windows live messenger not work on wireless? internet explorer

Does your Windows Live Messenger specifies any IP in the setup? Go through the properties, remove any static IP address, since the wireless router most likely assign you a dynamic IP for your computer.
When your Live Messenger does not work.

Are you able to get web pages it could be that your wirless could be droping some also if you hook up wired does it work fine I doubt you would have to reload the program if it works on the wired connection sounds almost to me that your connection could be droping out. So the next time it goes down see if you can surf the internet and do not just go to one page go to many differnt web pages if your internet connection is working fine then it sounds like it could be a issue with the program but chances are its just yoru internet connection is dropping.
reinstalled, it will work amazing.

Windows live messenger problem?

When i try to install the new messenger it begins to install but then instantly a box comes up and says it has failed with error code '1601'. It says go to the windows live website for help, but there is nothing on there that is helpful.

Windows live messenger problem?microsoft

1. Click Start, click Run, type MSIEXEC /UNREGISTER, and then click OK. Even if you do this correctly, it may look like nothing occurs.

2. Click Start, click Run, type MSIEXEC /REGSERVER, and then click OK. Even if you do this correctly, it may look like nothing occurs, or you may briefly see an hourglass. After you run this command, the operation is complete.

3. Try your Windows Installer-based application again.

If this doesn't work, there are more solutions on...

Windows live messenger problem?microsoft access internet explorer